Ryan Cockbill

Born in Birmingham, Ryan Cockbill is a Paralympic athlete in the discipline of Shooting (Air Rifle) and who made his Paralympic Games debut at the London 2012 Paralympics.

Ryan first got involved in the sport of Shooting in 2007 at the Spinal Games at Stoke Mandeville after being introduced to the sport at the hospital whilst he was recuperating after a tragic accident at the youthful age of 16 that left him paralysed following a swimming pool accident. Ryan suffered a compression fracture on his 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae, causing tetraplegia paralysis from the chest down. As a result of his accident, Ryan is unable to walk and has limited reach and dexterity due to the use of his arms being severely impaired. Before his accident Ryan was a dynamic individual with a passion for cooking sailing and sports. One minute he was a fit and dynamic young man, active and healthy, the next minute he was paralysed, unable to move and in need of 24/7 care for the rest of his life.

Not one to let his disability hinder his life, Ryan took up the sport of shooting because he finds it a mentally challenging discipline.

His first international competition was the 2010 IPC World Cup in Poland where he returned home with four trophies. A year later Ryan competed in the 2011?IPC World Cup USA (Qualifier for London) and became a?Bronze Medalist R5 (Prone Air rifle 10 meters) The same year in a further qualifier for London 2012, he competed in the 2011?IPC World Cup Australia?and was a Finalist 6th Place R4 (Standing Air rifle 10 meters).

In 2012 Ryan made his debut at the London 2012 Paralympics where he finished in 17th Place?R5 (Prone Air rifle 10 meters), 21st Place?R4 (Standing Air rifle 10 meters). Last year he entered the 2013 British Championships becoming a Gold Medalist?R4 (Standing Air rifle 10 meters). He went on to compete in the IPC World Cup in Turkey?collecting another Gold Medal R4 (Standing Air rifle 10 meters) and at the same time achieving a New Final World Record. He finished last year in the European Championships as a Finalist 6th Place?R4 (Standing Air rifle 10 meters)

Ryan is now focusing on 2014’s challenges with the British Championships and the IPC World Cup and will be competing and qualifying with the aim of selection and setting his sights firmly on going to Rio in 2016 to compete at the Paralympics.

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