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Staffordshire – Katie West

Katie West

Katie joined the charity in 2015 and is delighted to be part of the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity team. Katie’s background in community fundraising and her experience means she can provide you with the resources, advice and support you need to fundraise for MAAC. She is here to make fundraising an easy and fun experience.

Katie believes that being a Fundraising Manager is not only a job, it is a lifestyle, and you must be passionate about the cause to get the support of the local community. She is a huge fan of the Charity and is very grateful that the service is available to the population of the Midlands.

Katie also believes that raising awareness of the fantastic service of MAAC is equally as important as raising funds to keep the service operational. She would be delighted to visit you to talk more about our life –saving service and how you can get involved.

Herefordshire – Mary Seldon

Mary Seldon

Mary has loved her role within the organisation ever since joining the team in August 2015. She feels very proud to represent Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, and thoroughly enjoys meeting so many people and supporting the various events. Mary regularly gives talks throughout the local area, spreading awareness of the fantastic work of the air crews. She is amazed by the number of people whose lives have been touched or, in some cases, altered drastically by an airlift and she is particularly keen that these real stories are there for everyone to appreciate and share.

Herefordshire is a sparsely populated, rural area, and the work of Midlands Air Ambulance is particularly appreciated by those that live there. This is especially relevant for farmers and other agricultural workers, as well as equestrians and those in professions or with hobbies that take them to remote parts of the county. For this reason the people of Herefordshire are very generous with their time and fundraising efforts.

Mary really enjoys helping make events happen and supporting fundraisers in whatever way she can. With such a variety of activities and people to meet on a daily basis, she thinks being a Fundraising Manager for Midlands Air Ambulance is the best job anyone could have.

West Midlands – Adam Williams

Adam Williams

Adam Williams has been with the charity since 2010, and is a great believer in supporting his local community in the West Midlands. He enjoys giving talks and presentations to groups, societies and organisations, highlighting the charitable nature of Midlands Air Ambulance – the largest and one of the busiest air ambulance organisations in the UK.

Adam likes to leave a final thought with future fundraisers: “We need your help, we hope you never need ours.”

Shropshire – Maria Jones

Maria Jones

Maria absolutely loves fundraising for the charity, which she has been doing since 2008. Shropshire is one of the most rural counties covered by the service and she counts herself extremely lucky to know so many generous individuals and businesses who continue to support the charity.

In addition, she also enjoys meeting with people who have had to rely on the Midlands Air Ambulance, it’s one of the highlights of her very rewarding job.

Worcestershire – Michelle McCracken

Michelle McCracken

Michelle has been with the Charity since 2008 and has worked across a variety of areas within the Fundraising department, before settling into her current role as Fundraising Manager for Worcestershire in 2015.

Since day one, Michelle’s love and passion for her job means that each day she is raring to go! She is keen to raise awareness and funds for the charity, so that it can continue to make such a difference to people’s lives.

Gloucestershire – Susie Godwin

Susie Godwin

Working for MAAC is by its very nature, a very rewarding career for Susie. She always advocates the fact that MAAC provides an invaluable, life-saving service, and she is keen to do her part in keeping the three aircraft operational.

Susie aims to raise interest in working with the charity within Gloucestershire. She loves meeting a wide variety of wonderful individuals and companies who take the time and trouble to dream up such a great variety of events to bring in much needed donations and she certainly puts the FUN into fundraising.

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Missions completed 1991-2017 over 47,000 | On average we airlift a child every four days | Road traffic collisions make up around 35% of the incidents we attend | The service airlifts up to three horse riders each week.