Wilkinson Hosts SuperHero May Day!

Charity superheroes from the Wilkinsons store on the High Street, Cheltenham, have raised over £110 for their regional charity of the year, MAAC.

The team hosted a ‘May Day! May Day!’ fundraising weekend, when they dressed up as superheroes and held a charity bake sale in the store.

In support of the in-store ‘May Day! May Day!’ event – where Wilko offers super solutions to everyday problems, such as household essentials to rescue DIY disasters – the team members embraced their inner superhero by raising money.

Rachel Newman, store manager at Wilko in Cheltenham, said: “The ‘May Day! May Day!’ event was a brilliant success and we provided the best solutions for all our customers’ SOS problems, from DIY disasters to bad hair days.

“Our team members really dedicated themselves to the cause by dressing up as their favourite superheroes, all in the name of fundraising for MAAC.

“I’d like to thank our loyal customers in Cheltenham for coming down and joining in - they’ve always been superheroes when it comes to fundraising and this time was no different.”

Sarah Arnold, corporate fundraising manager at MAAC, said: “We are really grateful to the Cheltenham store for getting behind our charity with their imaginative ‘May Day! May Day!’event. The team is full of fundraising superheroes and they’ve been a great help to us.”

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