Alan Titchmarsh Suprises Charity Volunteer

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is urging supporters to tune in to ITV1 on Wednesday 19th July at 8pm, for a spectacular makeover show ‘Love Your Garden’ featuring staunch supporter Gina Constable.

Gina was nominated by the charity to have her garden transformed by a team of expert landscapers led by professional gardener and TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh. She was given the exciting news at the charity’s RAF Cosford airbase in Shropshire in March, where Alan Titchmarsh descended from one of the charity’s helicopters dressed in a red flight suit. 

Alison Hill, donor support & volunteer manager for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity explains: “We nominated Gina to appear on the show as she has been a fantastic supporter of the charity over a number of years, helping to fund over 100 lifesaving air ambulance missions.  

“We knew how much Gina’s late husband Tony had wanted to create a nice outdoor space for her but unfortunately passed away before he had the chance to. Thanks to ‘Love Your Garden’ Gina now has a beautiful garden to sit in and remember Tony and their life together.”

Gina’s new garden features a spectacular water feature with a touching message from the charity acknowledging Gina and Tony’s support. 


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