An Hour To Save Your Life

We will feature in BBC Two - An Hour To Save Your Life on Tuesday 18th March at 9pm.

This new three part series looks at innovations in emergency medicine and the improvements in patient outcomes as a result of doctor-led pre-hospital care and fast-tracking heart attack/cardiac arrest, stroke and trauma patients to specialist centres.

It was filmed over the summer of 2013, spending time with the Midlands Air Ambulance aircrews, as well as a period of time with colleagues at London Air Ambulance and Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance.

Across the three programmes, nine patient stories are featured. The key clinicians involved in each patient case conducted in-depth retrospective interviews so the style of the programmes is very much clinicians taking the audience through what happens.

Episode 3 – 18th March

In this episode, medics fight to save the lives of a tree surgeon who has fallen from a significant height and two patients filmed in Birmingham, a stroke and a major trauma patient. London's Air Ambulance provides pre-hospital care to one of the three patients.

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