Bogus charity bag collectors exposed! VIDEO!

Bogus charity collectors are once again attempting to deceive you into thinking you are supporting your local air ambulance charity.

The organisation in question uses the misleading name ‘Air Ambulance Service’ and its representatives are handing out leaflets and recycling bags when visiting homes across the region requesting donations of clothing, shoes and handbags which they imply will be recycled to raise funds for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity wishes to clarify that these collectors are in no way affiliated with the Charity and as far as they can ascertain are unlicensed by any local authority and are clearly misleading the public by their claims and adopted identity.

“Although we are working closely with the authorities and there are a number of pending prosecutions it seems that bogus collectors are still active in the area,” said Jason Levy, Head of Fundraising and Marketing at Midlands Air Ambulance.

“The simple fact of what they are doing undermines the whole basis of trust that governs our relationship with the public who so generously support and fund us, and rightly expect that their donations actually go towards our live saving service.”

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity believes the most effective way to prevent bogus charity collectors is for you to be aware and on your guard.

If in doubt members of the public can ask to see formal identification. A legitimate Midlands Air Ambulance Charity collector will be able to show you formal identification bearing the Charity’s correct logos and charity number (1001064). 

To view the full image of the 'Bogus collection' bags click here!

Two people have been arrested and a vehicle has been impounded!! 

We can confirm two men have been arrested (one is on bail from Crown Court). They had the Air Ambulance Service bags (some full) + some others in the van including “Barnodos” bags and include suspition of fraud and theft (of other charities bags of clothes). They also had some type of “Save our Soldiers” bags. The vehicle was confiscated and taken away on a recovery lorry.

To see the video click here!

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