Burton Couple Get Into Gear For Fundraising

Most couples celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary would choose to go out for a meal, host a party or perhaps go away for the weekend, but James and Helen Wolfe from Burton on Trent decided to do something a little more adventurous as they have entered the Mongol Rally to commemorate their stirling year.

The Mongol Rally is an epic challenge across 10,000 miles of desert, mountain and remote terrain. There are 300 teams taking part, all starting on 14th July and it is expected to last between four and six weeks, making it one of the toughest endurance challenges on the planet.

James Wolfe and his wife Helen will be undertaking the trip to help raise vital funds for two deserving charities – Midlands Air Ambulance and the Lymphoma Association. The team at Tempest Ford in Lichfield are also supporting the couple’s fundraising efforts by helping to raise awareness of their adventure.

James explains why they chose to take on this challenge for their special occasion: “I have undertaken several incredible adventures in the past, but this time Helen and I wanted to do something together, especially as we’re celebrating such a special anniversary. We’re driving to the start point and back again, so it’s likely our trip will be 20,000 miles in total. We just hope the 25 year old Ford Fiesta we’re taking will survive!”

Helen adds: “There are easier ways to celebrate an anniversary, but we don’t do anything by halves. We really wanted to do something extraordinary together to help two very worthy causes; you never know when you may need to rely on the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, and we have friends who have been affected by lymphoma, so this is our way of showing our support. We’re hoping to write a blog with our progress on route, to show those who’ve donated just how we’re doing.”

Jason Levy, fundraising and marketing director for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, states: “Although James and Helen are undertaking this trip for fun, there’s a definite sense of danger and trepidation involved, so their fundraising efforts are greatly appreciated by everyone at the air ambulance and the Lymphoma Association. We wish them every bit of luck for the rally and look forward to reading their blog along the way.”

Adele Matthews, fundraising co-ordinator at the Lymphoma Association, said: “The Lymphoma Association provides free information and support to anyone affected by lymphoma, the UK’s fifth most common cancer, as well as raising awareness of the disease and its symptoms. We don’t get any money from the Government or the NHS so it is only through the kindness and generosity of people like James and Helen that we can continue to provide this support without charge.”

James and Helen are hoping to write a blog throughout the Mongol Rally, so that their friends and family can see their progress on route.

You can support James and Helen’s epic fundraising effort at www.justgiving.com/wolfetrip-2013 for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

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