Charity staff express their thanks to the pub

After the robbery that occurred yesterday (21st June) at our HQ, all the staff that were involved would like to thank the public for the kind words and messages of support they have received.

West Midlands Police are still appealing for help from the public regarding the armed robbery at the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity base in Brierley Hill, in which

three men armed with a Taser gun held 20 members of staff hostage, before escaping with thousands of pounds of charity money and a staff member’s car.

Charity Director, Hanna Sebright, said: “I find it hard to comprehend that people would commit such a violent crime and steal money from a life saving charity.

Dedicated people have gone to great lengths to raise money for the charity, even in this difficult economic time, and it is appalling that it will be unable to be used for the purpose of keeping the Air Ambulances in the air.  This despicable act could actually cost people’s lives.”

Without donations the charity, which is solely operational on public generosity, would not be able to operate. Midlands Air Ambulance receives no government or lottery funding and needs £6million pounds a year to carry out the precious work it does.

To steal money from any person is a disgusting act but to steal money from a life saving charity is simply reprehensible.

We know from the messages of support that we have received today that the public are as sickened as we are that people are capable of this, people who may one day need the Air Ambulance Charity to save their life, or the life of a family member.

We can only hope that the men responsible will be caught. Despite the robbery jeopardising the life saving jobs we are able to do, the charity will continue to respond to over 3000 emergency missions every year region wide.

If any members of the public have any information on this crime then please contact West Midlands Police on 0345 113 5000.”



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