Darting Spectaculars!

There have been a host of Darts Exhibitions in Penkridge over the last 18 months, all raising much needed funds for the Midlands Air Ambulance.

Vicki Cutler, self-employed businesswoman and organiser of the events has gathered some of the Professional Darts Corporations (PDC) top stars and brought them to the Peace Memorial Hall in Penkridge to play some of the local dart players and members of the public. In February 2009, the very first exhibition, Canada’s 3 time World Champion John ‘Darth Maple’ Part and Englands Terry ‘the Bull’ Jenkins provided entertainment for the crowd and some spectacular games of darts - Terry overcoming John in 1001 game head to head at the end of the night. Funds raised from the raffle and programme sales were matched at this event by Barclays Bank, which meant that in total over £950 was raised.

The second event saw rising young darts star Adrian ‘Jackpot’ Lewis from Stoke on Trent pair up with local star and Grand Slam of Darts commentator Chris ‘Mace the Ace’ Mason to play the audience – fun and games were had by all and, again, Barclays Bank very kindly matched what we raised on the night, this time over £1100 was handed to the Air Ambulance.

At our last event in May, the flamboyant and hilarious Wayne ‘Hawaii 501’ Mardle arrived in Penkridge to take on the audience, which included 5 year old Alfie ‘Double Top’ Galloway who had raised £119 to play a leg of darts against Wayne. With chants of ‘Alfie, Alfie’ from the crowd he managed to sink his double and beat Wayne – which drew the biggest cheer of the night. With the raffle, auction and programme sales over £650 was presented to the Air Ambulance.

All in all over £2700 has been handed to the Midlands Air Ambulance from the generous people of Penkridge and beyond - all from a game that they love so much!

It’s all set to continue too, with the next exhibition planned for Friday 26th November 2010 where we will see 2 time World Champion Dennis ‘The Menace’ Priestley and Colin ‘Jaws’ Lloyd take on Penkridge’s finest players. Alfie has booked his spot to play and we all hope that the funds raised on this next night will take us over the £3000 mark.

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