Duo's charity tour

Two friends are embarking on a whistle stop tour of every Air Ambulance base in the UK to raise money for the Sussex helicopter and increase awareness of the air ambulance service.

Richard Grant 32 and James Firth 30 plan to stop off at all of the 18 air ambulance charities in just three days. They will be starting their sponsored drive in Yorkshire and finishing the 2,500 mile trip in Sussex, hoping to raise over £1000 for the Sussex Air Ambulance.

The pair will be dropping in on Midlands Air Ambulance airbase at Strensham on Sunday 31st October celebrating the midway point of their challenge.

“Few people realise what an air ambulance does until they have a need to use it and we all hope that’ll never happen” says Richard.

Midlands Air Ambulance wishes Richard and James the best of luck and hopes they have a fantastic time helping to raise awareness of the life-saving service.

Missions completed since 1991: 50,563 | On average we airlift a child every four days | Road traffic collisions make up around 35% of the incidents we attend | The service airlifts on average four horse riders each week.