Fundraiser Conquers Death Valley For Air Ambulance Charities

Daredevil Solihull cyclist Paul Heath has taken on the mighty Death Valley Challenge, cycling 391km across the desert raising over £6,000 of vital funds for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and London’s Air Ambulance.

In just five days, Paul rode the dramatic and uninhabitable landscape, which included 11,000ft high mountain ranges, plummeting to 282ft below sea level, and in temperatures ranging from 36°C to -3°C, all in aid of the two pre-hospital emergency air ambulance charities, which his employer, life and pensions provider Phoenix Group supports.

Paul states: “I had been following a rigorous training programme for the ride for over 12 months, spending time in a sauna, and undertaking daily bike rides, but nothing prepares you for Death Valley. I wanted to take on a challenge that tested both body and mind, and Death Valley is renowned for being one of the most gruelling and extreme bike rides in the world. Looking back I absolutely loved it and can’t seem to keep off my bike now that I’m back. It was the hardest and most rewarding challenge I've ever done and lived up to all of the hype and then some!

“I feel extremely proud to have taken on and beaten Death Valley, proving if you put your mind to something, it can be conquered. To have personally raised over £6,000 for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and London’s Air Ambulance is extremely rewarding, and to know the two charities can undertake further life saving air ambulance missions due to my efforts has meant all the pain, grit and determination was worth it.”

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and London’s Air Ambulance provide advanced trauma teams to critically injured patients in the Midlands region and London respectively. On average each air ambulance mission costs each charity approximately £2,500, all of which is funded by the generosity of the general public and businesses such as Phoenix Group, which has raised over £280,000 for the two organisations.

A spokesperson on behalf of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and London’s Air Ambulance said: “Paul is one of the most extraordinary fundraisers we have met. His selflessness, and willingness to test his body and mind to such an extreme level on behalf of our charities is incredible, and we are humbled by his support and that of his colleagues at Phoenix Group.”



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