Internet Fundraiser Helps Save Dozens Of Lives


When Lynne Beckett started selling items on ebay to boost funds for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, she never envisaged raising over £73,000, but that’s exactly what she’s achieved after four years of dedication to the vital life saving service.

Lynne, from Stourport on Severn, has sold over 33,550 items online for the charity during her four years of support. As each mission costs an average of £2,500 Lynne’s tireless work has directly helped to fund 30 missions.

“When I started selling goods, I thought I’d make a small but worthy contribution to Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, but I never thought my fundraising venture would be such a success and I’m really delighted to have raised so much already,” states Lynne.

She adds: “Before becoming a volunteer fundraiser I worked as a theatre nurse at Kidderminster & Redditch Hospitals and often helped to treat patients who had been airlifted, so I know all too well the invaluable work of the air ambulance.”

Due to her thriving fundraising efforts Lynne’s house could be mistaken for a packing warehouse as she has hundreds of boxes in every shape and size. In addition, every room is filled with an abundance of bric-a-brac, toys, clothing and other items donated by kind hearted people in her local community.

Lynne comments: “I really couldn’t have achieved so much without the wonderful support by everyone who has donated items for me to sell. I often get people parking up outside my house and dropping things off for the appeal. I also use a range of couriers to get the best deal and they’ve been queuing up outside to pick things up, some days my front drive looks like a warehouse depot!

“My husband is terrific and helps me out wherever he can. My mum and dad also help with the packaging, we must get through enough tape to stretch to the moon on a monthly basis.”

Lynne’s commitment is second to none, not only does she fundraise in her own time, but she ensures all items are washed or cleaned and inserts new batteries into any children’s toys that require them.

“Through selling items online, it’s amazing how many people message me to say they’ve been airlifted by Midlands Air Ambulance, so it’s very rewarding to know my work is helping to save people’s lives,” adds Lynne. “I also live very close to the Strensham airbase and seeing the helicopter each day just reinforces why I’m doing it.”

Jason Levy, fundraising and marketing director for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, comments: “Lynne is incredible, she has dedicated so much of her time and energy to our service and we are eternally grateful for all her assistance. The fact that she’s raised over £73,000 in four years is testament to her hard work and commitment and we can’t thank her enough for her on going support.”

For more information about how you can support Midlands Air Ambulance Charity by donating goods for ebay and the charity’s own high street shop, contact the team on 0800 8 40 20 40, email

Missions completed since 1991: 50,563 | On average we airlift a child every four days | Road traffic collisions make up around 35% of the incidents we attend | The service airlifts on average four horse riders each week.