‘Midlands Air Ambulance Charity Saved My Leg’

Alastair Timmis from Kidderminster, was airlifted by the charity in September 2013, whilst playing football for his team Rock Sports, in the first game of the season.

During the match, Alastair jumped up to head the ball, and clashed heads with a player from the opposite team, and was knocked unconscious, falling awkwardly on his ankle. Alastair explains: “When I woke up on the ground, there was blood everywhere from an injury to my chin, and more sadly, my foot was facing the wrong way.”

Due to the location of the football field and a torrent of incidents across the region, a fast response team arrived on scene first, closely followed by a land ambulance. The crew onboard the land ambulance immediately realised that Alastair’s injury was limb threatening, and called for Helimed06, the Midlands Air Ambulance helicopter based at Strensham in Worcestershire to attend. 

Alastair continues: “Before I knew it, under a lot of gas and air at the time, I was being told a helicopter is coming due to the severity of the break in my ankle. 

“Once the helicopter arrived, the aircrew administered stronger pain relief and I was airlifted to Worcestershire Royal Hospital in just five minutes, a journey which could take up to 40 minutes in a land ambulance.” 

Upon arrival at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, the clinicians manipulated Alastair’s foot back into place and realised the extend of his injury. Due to the loss of blood, Alastair was just thirty minutes away from losing his leg, so the swift actions of Midlands Air Ambulance played a vital part in preventing an amputation. 

Three months later, Alastair was able to return to work, and amazingly, upon his return he discovered a raffle ticket he had purchased earlier in the year for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity raffle, the winning prize a helicopter ride!

Alastair adds: “It was pretty incredible really, and I am certain the date of the prize was the day I actually had a free ride in the helicopter, and thank goodness I did, they saved my leg.”

Inspired by Alastair’s story, the landlords at his local pub, Colin and Trudy at The Station Inn in Kidderminster, held a fundraising event for the charity, raising £1,000.

Michelle McCracken, fundraising manager for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity explains: “Alastair’s story is unfortunately one we hear too often. Our aircrew attend on average five lifesaving air ambulance missions every day, with each mission costing around £2,500, so the money raised by the Station Inn will help to fund a future lifesaving air ambulance mission.”  


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