Take Care On The Roads Urges Midlands Air Ambulance

The aircrew at Midlands Air Ambulance is urging road users, including motorcyclists, to take care on the roads as the service has released its latest mission statistics detailing how many road traffic collisions (RTCs) have occurred during the summer months.

Since the beginning of the motorcycle season, the vital life saving service has attended 455 road traffic collisions in the region, of which 18 per cent involved motorcyclists.

Becky Tinsley, air operations manager for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, comments: “Approximately 50 per cent of the missions we attend each year involve road users, and sadly the number of RTCs we are called out to is far from declining. In addition, the summer months naturally encourage more motorcyclists to get on their bikes, and a large proportion of the missions we are currently attending involve those on two wheels. It’s for this reason that we’re asking everyone to be aware of their safety and that of other road users.”

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is working with the Safer Roads Partnership to promote safer riding in the region. The Partnership has the following advice for bikers on the region’s roads:

The Safer Roads Partnership has reported that over the past three years* in West Mercia there have been 32 fatalities and 265 serious injuries following collisions involving motorcycles. A quarter of all those killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions in West Mercia involved a motorbike.

Vicki Bristow, communications manager for the Safer Roads Partnership adds: “Unfortunately motorbike riders form a high proportion of those that are killed or seriously injured on our roads.  We work very hard over the biker season to educate both motorists and bikers to be aware of the risks involved when out on the roads.  Motorists should be aware that roads are a shared resource and to appreciate other road users (not just motorcycles but cyclists and pedestrians).  There are also things that bikers can do to ensure they are as safe as possible; such as wearing the right gear, regularly checking and servicing your bike and updating/refreshing your skills.”

Becky Tinsley concludes: “By asking everyone to be more conscious of vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists, we hope to prevent a greater number of accidents on our regions roads.”


* Information from January 2010 to December 2012

Missions completed since 1991: 50,563 | On average we airlift a child every four days | Road traffic collisions make up around 35% of the incidents we attend | The service airlifts on average four horse riders each week.