Volunteer Awards

Birmingham and the Black Country

CFR of the Year - Ian Thomas, Solihull.

Ian has given a considerable amount of time to the scheme, taking the role of Vice Chairman and Training Supervisor. Ian has recently had to step down as he is now studying to become a Paramedic after being enthused by the CFR scheme.

Ian has given a significant commitment to both WMAS and the CFR scheme and we wish him well in his studies.

Award for Fundraiser with the Most Funds Raised - Steve Franklin, Solihull

Steve is a full time Fireman with West Midlands Fire Service as well as an active CFR. Steve has organised many events at fire Stations carrying out car washes, which have raised a substantial amount of money for Fastaid. A real team player and a credit to the team and the Organisation, and to the Fire Service.

Special Achievement Award - Darren Tranter, Castle Bromwich

Darren has not been with the Service for very long but has already committed many hours to help the Continuing Professional Development of the CFRs and agreed to become a coordinator for the charity. Darren is also a long standing member of the Inland Water Rescue unit and has created strong partnerships, training some members in the use of Automated External Defibrillators.

Community First Responders - Most Incidents attended Award – Richard Pask, Solihull

Richard is relatively new to the scheme in Solihull but since joining at the end of 2009 had responded 101 times.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Tom Ross, St. John Ambulance, Birmingham

In November 2009 Tom was put forward for this Chief Officer’s Commendation by one of our Incident Support Officer’s, following a Road Traffic Incident.

Tom assisted a child who had been hit by a car until an Incident Support Officer and Ambulance crew arrived on scene. He continued to assist the crew and was able to give a full and comprehensive handover, enabling them to continue treating and assessing the injured child much more quickly.

It is for this dedicated support and professional approach that Tom has been awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Mark Lines, Hockley Heath

Mark has been a member of the Fastaid Community First Responders for a few years, and continues to provide support to the charity in a variety of ways.

He assists with Recruitment, Training, fundraising and mentorship. Mark is also the link for the loan car to the scheme.

He is certainly committed to the community and the charity and his support is very much appreciated, it is for this that Mark is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Debbie Towers, Rubery

Debbie has worked extremely hard since beginning with the Fastaid charity; she spends many hours finding raffle prizes and has managed to source a car for the scheme.

Debbie is always coming up with new and innovative fundraising ideas in and around the local community.

Debbie has also taken on the role of scheme coordinator and her commitment is awarded in this Chief Officer’s Commendation.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Inderpal Singh Ubhi, Handsworth

Inderpal works for the Nishkam and Gurwara in Birmingham and has been instrumental in improving the health of some of the high risk multi cultural community.

He has organised a Hearstart scheme and organised 12 volunteers who are now trained to use an Automated External Defibrillator, he also undertakes health checks and distributes health information amongst the community.

Inderpal has helped to forge this first Multi Cultural link with the Community and his dedication to this and the Charity is the reason for the Chief Officer’s Commendation being awarded.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Lynda Hall, British Red Cross, BirminghamHall

For over ten years Lynda has been a major link for Voluntary Ambulance Service support in winter planning and during ad hoc requests i.e. the Birmingham Tornado and Handsworth disturbance in 2006.

Lynda coordinates all of this and is also an ambulance crew person herself, she is a paid member of the British Red Cross team by day and a volunteer during the evenings and weekends.

This is a real commitment to make and a huge benefit for patients in the West Midlands Region, for this we have awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Victoria Jefferies and Donna Stokes, Birmingham

Victoria has been supporting Andy Whittington who is the Trust’s seconded British Heart Foundation Community Resuscitation Development Officer. She has provided support and advice to Andy as he has worked on projects to improve the health and well being of the community of Birmingham, and has been influential in providing funding for projects to place AEDs into public places.

Donna has been raising funds for two projects in Birmingham and Coventry raising over £110,000 in less than 6 months. As well as this Donna has been raising the profile and negotiating with host sites for the Defibrillators to be placed. For their support and commitment we award them the Chief Officer’s Commendation.

Chief Officer’s Commendation:

Glen Curry, St John Ambulance

Emma Bowditch, St John Ambulance

Adam Williams, St John Ambulance

Lucy Ford, St John Ambulance

Anthony Glyptis, St John Ambulance

Chris Houghton, St John Ambulance

Eugene Collins, St John Ambulance

Liam Hurds, St John Ambulance

Keely Gabriel, St John Ambulance

Matt Thomas, St John Ambulance

Liz Parkes, St John Ambulance

Roy Sampson, St John Ambulance

As some of you may be aware West Midlands Ambulance Service sets up Temporary Minor Injury Units on major Bank Holidays and at special events throughout the year.

These are run by a team of people ranging from St. John Volunteers, to Doctors and Nurses as well as Officers of the Trust. They are vital in ensuring that patients in these busy hot spots are treated promptly and appropriately on these special occasions.

All of the staff here have played a major part in the success of the Temporary minor injuries units and are regularly there as part of the team supporting the Trust.

For their continued support and commitment they are all awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.

QUOTE: Glen Curry said:I am delighted to receive a Chief Officer’s Commendation.  The temporary minor injuries unit is always a great success and I’m proud to be part of the team that ensures care is provided for anyone who needs it.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Dave Belcher, St. John Ambulance

West Midlands Ambulance Service and St John have long enjoyed a close working relationship, which is continuing to grow year on year.

Whilst we have widely acknowledged the support of the direct volunteers that assist us with events and difficult times, we often miss out the back room members that carry out all the planning and preparation.

Dave has been working alongside Operational Managers of the Trust for several years now, and is always very accommodating at times of need. Without his support and planning many things would just not be possible.

For his dedication and commitment to both St John and West Midlands Ambulance Service Dave is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.

QUOTE: Dave Belcher said:Thank you very much for this commendation; I’m delighted to receive it, and it is very fitting that our close partnership should be recognised in this way. Our two teams work together extremely effectively, and the benefits to both our organisations and to the public we serve are numerous and far-reaching.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Jaguar Land Rover Group

I am sure you have all noticed that this winter has been particularly difficult when it comes to weather conditions.

The coldest winter for 30 years brings with it significant challenges, and we often find ourselves drawing on the voluntary sector to provide additional 4 wheel drive support.

Jaguar Land Rover Group have always been willing to help out, and provide us with as many of their Discovery and Defender models as they can to help us move staff and patients when needed.

Many thanks to Mr Anthony Bradbury, Marketing Director, who is here to accept the Chief Officer’s Commendation on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover Group.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Terry Flower, Solihull

Terry joined the CFR scheme less than 12 months ago. His membership followed the coast to coast cycle ride over 4 days where Terry raised money for Charity.

Since Terry completed his course he has gone on to become a regular responder in the Solihull area, as well as equipment coordinator and is due to carry out the training to become one of the new Community Defibrillator Facilitators soon.

He is a keen and committed member of the Scheme who is always willing to help out and for this Terry is awarded his Chief Offices Commendation.

Chief Officer’s Commendation:

Thomas Mann, Bilston,

Jenni Hodgetts, Halesowen

Amanda Box, Wolverhampton

A new scheme has been developed in the Black Country West area. Jenni Hodgetts (coordinator) Tom Mann (assistant coordinator) and Amanda Box (equipment organiser).

So far these CFRs have given a remarkable amount of time and effort, both responding and setting the group up and assisting with training.

A fantastic commitment to both their communities and the Trust and their ongoing enthusiasm is the reason for their Chief Officer’s Commendation.

QUOTE: Emma Wilkins, Community Response Manager for Birmingham and the Black Country (responsible for the area’s Community First Responders), said:The Volunteer Awards Ceremony 2010 saw 15 CF’s receive awards for fundraising, most calls responded too, length of service to community response, overall contribution to the community and WMAS, assisting with the development of both CFR schemes and the charity. Further awards were presented for awareness of cardiac issues within ethnic minority communities and for fundraising into communities. An award was presented to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) for the development of a working partnership with WMAS NHS Trust.  This occasion really highlights the importance and appreciation that all volunteers within Birmingham and Black Country give to their communities. Their time, effort and ongoing support is appreciated from myself as their community response manager on behalf of West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Covad and Warks

CFR of the Year Cov & Warks - Zarig Prothero, Russell Inman and Paul Mulligan, Ettington Community First Responders

Together Zarig, Russell and Paul make up the Ettington Group in this small village in South Warwickshire. Between the Three people they provide 24 hour 7 day cover for the area and are extremely valuable to the Trust due to their remote location. They even provided cover over the Christmas and New Year period and 4x4 availability during the snow.

Award for Fundraiser with the Most Funds Raised - Natalie Craig, Rugby

Natalie is the Group Coordinator for the Rugby scheme and has performed an outstanding job in progressing this scheme over the past 12 months. During the second half of 2009 Natalie raised over £6000 for equipment and has events organised for a further 3 to 4 thousand pounds. A great effort and very much appreciated.

Voluntary Car Driver of the Year - Ernie Smith, South Warwickshire

Ernie has been a Volunteer Car Service driver since 2002, operating mainly, but not exclusively, in South Warwickshire. He is well-known by his many regular patients, as well as hospital staff, for being kind, sympathetic and reliable.

He is a vital part of the VCS team in Coventry & Warwickshire PTS.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Michael Eddie, Rugby

Michael has been with the Community Response team in Warwickshire for some time now, and last year was the worthy recipient of the CFR with the most incidents attended.

Since then Michael has moved away to University, but whenever he is back in the Region he responds as before, and is still managing to attend vast numbers of calls.

Michael is a very valued member of the team, and his commitment to the community is the reason for his Chief Officer’s Commendation.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Kate Hardwick (Oxfordshire), Diana Brown and Sean Butler-Edmunds, Long Compton

In May 2009 these three CFRs teamed together when responding to a cardiac arrest in the small village of Cherrington.

They were confronted with a patient who following a disturbance at home had suffered a head injury and was now in cardiac arrest.

The scene was described as tense but they decided to continue on and treat the patient until other assistance arrived.

It is for their selflessness, commitment and bravery that Kate, Diana and Sean are awarded Chief Officer’s Commendations.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Nigel Whatmore, Coleshill

Nigel attended a patient who was initially presenting in respiratory arrest and then went into cardiac arrest. Nigel used his Basic Life Support skills and knowledge as well as providing early defibrillation leading to a Return of Spontaneous Circulation.

Nigel has been a CFR since July 2009 and has now been bitten by the bug and is now contemplating a career as a Paramedic.

For his quick thinking and early action Nigel is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.


CFR of the year – Herefordshire, Sue Watkins, Ross

Sue joined in 2005 and has shown considerable commitment to the CFR Scheme and the Trust. Sue was involved heavily in the distribution of the CFR Voluntary agreement and travelled long distances to ensure this was distributed. Sue is Coordinator for the Ross on Wye group as well as CFR Charity Treasurer for the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Divisions.

Special Achievement Award - Diane Pearson, Herefordshire

Diane is CFR Trainer within the Service as well as continuing to be an active CFR. She puts an enormous amount of time and effort in the schemes in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, often behind the scenes. She is a very valued member of the team and a real credit to the organisation.

Community First Responders - Most Incidents attended Award - Rob Stevens, Hereford

Rob qualified as a CFR in 2006 and has completed a vast amount of cases since then for the Hereford area. Between April 09 and January 10 he responded to 133 calls.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Keith Lane MBE, Bromyard

Keith has been raising funds for Midlands Air Ambulance for 17 Years and has raised in excess of 200 thousand pounds to date.

Keith received an MBE for his fundraising efforts in 2002.

Unfortunately Keith has recently had medical problems of his own, which has restricted his fundraising abilities, but his family and friends have continued on with the support for the appeal.

It is for his long term commitment and dedication the Midlands Air Ambulance that Keith is awarded this Chief Officer’s Commendation.

Chief Officer’s Commendation - Simon Halling, Bromyard

Simon has been a CFR since 2006 in Herefordshire and continues to offer his commitment in various different ways.

He assists with ongoing recruitment, training, fundraising and mentorship of the new CFRs and Medical First Responders.

Simon has over 849 records with West Midlands Ambulance Service and his commitment to the Trust and the Community is very much appreciated, it is also the reason for him being awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.



CFR of the Year - North Staffordshire, Marion Beloe (Ashbourne, Derbyshire)

Marion stands down this year as the Coordinator from the oldest CFR group in the Country, which she has been for the last 5 years. She has helped to develop initiatives which are now common place region wide, Marion is described by colleagues as committed, proactive and selfless in her approach to coordinating the scheme.



CFR of the Year - Kevin Wright, Seisdon

Kevin is a new CFR to the scheme but has fully embraced the role and regularly responds to the community. Kevin helps with organising training and fundraising events and links in with key members of the community to further promote the scheme, a real asset to the organisation.



CFR of the Year - South Staffs , Chris Peters, Brewood

Chris is the Brewood Scheme Coordinator and provides 24 hour 7 day cover for the community. He responded to 65 calls during December 2009 as well as being part of the Association of Staffordshire CFRs.



Award for Fundraiser with the Most Funds Raised, Steve Greenway, Paul Richards, Pattingham

The Seisdon Peninsula CFRs as a group have raised a large amount of money to enable them to have the correct equipment, uniform and essentials. One area that continually supports the scheme is Pattingham Fishing Competition. Each year Steve and Paul raise large amounts of money for the Scheme to help them continue responding to the community. A very big thank you to you both on behalf of the Group and West Midlands Ambulance Service.



Voluntary Car Driver of the Year South Staffordshire - Jack Cadman, Burton

Jack, who works in the Burton area is described as a very kind and caring Gentleman, and will go out of his way to help patients. He will happily give up his days off when needed and assist with work if required.



Voluntary Car Driver of the year North Staffordshire - Luke Delaney

Luke is another dedicated member of the team who is committed to helping patients. He is reliable and committed, and never lets us down. Luke is also awarded the Voluntary Car Drivers with the Most Miles Covered for the North Staffordshire area.



Emergency Doctor of the Year - Dr. Ben Clark, Staffordshire

Ben is a speciality Doctor in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia and has been responding as a BASICS (British Association for Immediate Care) Doctor for over 3 years. He commits four days each week as well as teaching as part of the BASICS Charity.

Ben has been flying with Midlands Air Ambulance for 2 years, and is a keen and valued member of the team.

Attending many incidents including the Alton Coach Crash, and the Stoke Disturbances earlier this year,

Ben is always happy to help when he can and his assistance and support to the Trust is very much appreciated.



Special Achievement Award - Diana Hatton, Perton

Diana is an active CFR and again carries out a considerable amount of work behind the scenes for the scheme. Diana takes on the role of secretary and assistant to the Treasurer. A long serving and crucial member of the team who is dedicated to helping others.



Special Achievement Award - Kevin Long, Penkridge

Kevin is the Chairman of the Round Table of Penkridge, who have been extremely supportive of the newly formed CFR scheme. They have helped the team raise over £5,500 towards a car and have assisted greatly in formulating press releases with photographs as well as helping with Community contacts and advice.



Community First Responders - Most Incidents attended Award - Jane Matthews, Cheddlton Community Responder Scheme.

During 2009, Cheddleton Village Scheme have recruited new volunteers and are now providing 24 hour 7 day cover. They cover an area south of Leek and provide effective cover for the area averaging 60 calls per month. As scheme coordinator Jane is presented the award.



Community First Responders - Most Incidents attended Award - Robert Carruthers, South Staffs

Robert is another member of the Community Response team who provides almost permanent cover, he completed 55 cases in December 09 which is a considerable commitment of time to the community.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Mark Pepper, Loggerheads

In January 2010 Mark found himself first on scene to a multiple victim Road Traffic Collision where he was the only medical assistance to begin with.

Despite this and it being dark and cold, he managed to liaise with Police, assess the scene, triage four patients and began treating several, before then handing over to the attending Officer on his arrival.

Mark has been nominated by colleagues within the Trust and is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation for his exemplary actions and calm and professional approach.

Mark cannot be with us tonight but Val Kennet is receiving the award on his behalf.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Alex Hawkins CFR, Brown Edge

Alex has been nominated by a Community Paramedic Officer for his actions and involvement in a Cardiac Arrest Case last year. He has been described as ‘competent, committed and enthusiastic’ and even though this was late at night outdoors, was more than happy to assist the Paramedic in anything he needed.

It is for this dedication and commitment to assisting the Public that he is awarded this Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Dave Lynch, North Staffordshire

Dave has been nominated following an RTC in October 2009, involving a motorcyclist.

The patient was seriously injured and Dave was doing all he could to assist him when the Paramedic Officer arrived on scene.

Midlands Air Ambulance also attended this incident, and Dave stayed to assist the crews throughout their treatment.

Dave is a credit to both himself and to Community Response and is awarded this Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Nick Pope CFR, North Staffordshire

Nick was responded to a collapsed walker on the Roaches, in rural North Staffordshire. This call required an extensive search of the mountain in horrendous conditions with very poor visibility.

The patient was found by Nick and Group Station Manger Pete Howell. Together they began treatment and along with Buxton Mountain Rescue Team moved the patient down to a waiting Ambulance.

Nick remained calm and committed throughout, and is now awarded this Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Matt Jevons, Kinver

Since joining South Staffordshire First Responders Matt has put a considerable amount of time, effort, dedication and commitment into the Charity.

He is an active CFR and Chairman of the Charity, coordinator for the Kinver area and contributes significantly to fundraising.

He is also involved with other charities, and has a full time job.

Matt’s dedication and support to the Community is the reason for this Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Ann Peters (Bishops Wood) and Dave Copcutt (Brewood)

In June 2009 Ann was on duty and received a call at 06:55hrs to a house fire with reports of 2 adults and 7 children involved.

David, who was not on duty, heard the sounds of emergency vehicles and went to offer his assistance to Ann on scene.

Ann immediately attended and identified a holding point for the patients. She effectively and efficiently assessed them all before passing to Dave for ongoing treatment and care.

Considering the age of the children was between 3 weeks old and 15 years old, as well as the adults with burns they both did an excellent job in looking after these patients until further medical help arrived.

It is for this incident and their calm, professional and dedicated manner that Ann and Dave are awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Eric Emeny, Uttoxeter

Eric has been offering his services to the Trust as a voluntary car driver for many years now, and nothing is too much trouble for him.

He often works on Saturdays to bring renal patients in for appointments and really doesn’t mind where he travels to pick patients up, even at short notice sometimes.

Eric is a reliable, kind and caring member of the team and for this is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation:

Sam Cartilage, Stone

Margaret Lockett, Cotes Heath

James Riley, Stone


Alleynes Sports Hall in Stone is another Public Access to Defibrillator site and in November of 2009 Sam, Margaret and James jumped into action, as someone had collapsed.

They quickly realised the patient was in Cardiac Arrest and began Basic Life Support and used the Defibrillator, resulting in a Return of Spontaneous Circulation thanks to their quick thinking and action.

The patient has asked that we pass on his thanks and best wishes to you for saving his life.

For this incident we award you all the Chief Officer’s Commendation.


Chief Officer’s Commendation - Alison Potts, Stoke On Trent

Alison joined the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity in 2000. Alison began arranging events such as coffee mornings, car boot sales and open gardens and went on to become coordinator in 2002.

To date she has raised over £166,000 and would now like to widen her collecting area, along with her partner, she is truly an inspiration and for her commitment to the Charity we Award Alison the Chief Officer Commendation.







CFR of the Year – Worcs. - Tim Hodges, Upton

Tim has been a CFR for 3 years and for much of this time has been the only CFR in  the Upton On Severn area. Tim has trained as an assessor and helps with keeping other CFRs skills up to date. Tim also attends many fundraising events both in his own and other areas including a Fire Service Event and a stall at the Jazz Festival.



Award for Fundraiser with the Most Funds Raised - Jenny Ashman, Worcester

Jenny started raising funds for Midlands Air Ambulance when her son Jeremy began working as Paramedic Aircrew onboard Helimed 03 (Midlands Air Ambulance from Cosford) in 1996. This has continued tirelessly since then, and increased further when she retired from being Headteacher.

Jenny is described as a true inspiration whose enthusiasm and vitality are infectious.

Since 1995 Jenny has raised in excess of £600,000



Award for Fundraiser with the Most Funds Raised - Heather Jones, Worcester

Heather has been a CFR for around three years now. During the day she drives the bus and assists at the school for children with disabilities. She also spends time as a youth worker. As well as this she responds as a CFR and any amount of spare time after this is spent fundraising for the scheme. This hard work and constant determination has brought in significant money for the scheme. Heather has also gained a free meeting room for the scheme to use.



Special Achievement Award – Howard Painter, Worcester

Howard has been volunteering for around 12 months, as well as being part of the West Midlands Search and Rescue. Howard’s Chartered Accountancy Business provides a free service to the Herefordshire and Worcestershire CFR Charity. His firm carries out an independent audit before submitting to the Charity Commission.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Peter Binney, Worcester

Peter has been an active CFR for over 3 years, providing an excellent service in terms of coordination in Worcestershire which incorporates Worcester and its surrounding areas and has also recently started to coordinate Malvern as well.

Peter does all this as well as studying at university for his Paramedic Science Degree.

It is for his commitment and continued support that Richard Bebbington, Community Response Manager has nominated Peter for this Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Mark Gillett, Worcester

Mark is an enthusiastic member of the team, who provides a significant amount of cover for his area. He has also managed to encourage his wife into becoming a CFR too, all this as well as being a Fire Fighter by day.

Mark has been involved in several serious incidents including a successful Return of Spontaneous circulation using CPR.

Mark is a valued member of the team and his commitment to the community is the reason for this Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Glyn Pink, Worcester

Glyn Lives quite near to the ambulance station so does not receive quite as many calls as some CFRs, however this has not put him off responding and Glyn has maintained his interest and willingness for a number of years now.

He still attends many fundraising events and has been appointed the Vice Chairman of the Hereford and Worcester CFR Charity.

Glyn is always willing to help and support new CFRs and his dedication and commitment is the reason for this Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Brian Chadd, Worcester

Brian is one of the more senior members of the scheme and by day he is a court usher. He is well known amongst the community, and not just because of the people he meets during the day.

Brian has attended a large number of calls and has taken on the mantle of Publicity Officer for the Hereford and Worcester CFR scheme.

Brian tends to stop doing CFR work during December but instead turns his hand to dressing in a red coat and beard to again embrace community spirit as a well known Christmas character.

Brian is a much liked and valued member of the scheme and the community as a whole and for this he is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - James Drewball, Tenbury Wells

In August 2009 James was off duty and came across a serious RTC near Ludlow. He gathered what First aid equipment he could together and began treating the patients at scene.

James has been commended for his action by the attending Paramedic and Incident Support Officer from the Trust, for demonstrating a very calm and professional approach to what was a very serious incident.

It is for this that James is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Ben Allen and Richard Bailey, Worcester

Ben and Rick both volunteer their time as Worcestershire Community First Responders and also as part of the West Midlands Search and Rescue Team.

During the recent inclement weather they made themselves available to both services in 4x4 vehicles, and responded to 999 calls and also came to the aid of stranded vehicles.

At short notice they even responded to Emergency Operations Centre to assist in conveying staff to and from work to keep the EOC running smoothly.

They are always willing to drop everything to help and for their support and commitment we award them the Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendations, Carol and Maurice Evans, Hopton Wafers

Carol and Maurice joined the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity as fundraisers in 1993 after previously raising funds for their local community, providing a scout hut, saving their local school from closure and renovating the village hall.

In those days the next nearest coordinator to come and collect funds from Shropshire was in Hereford, and as carol and Maurice are much closer in Kidderminster so their role began.

Now that they are retired they devote more time than ever and have raised over £200,000 pounds to the Charity.

They are committed and always there no matter what the weather, for this Carol and Maurice are awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.







Midlands Air Ambulance Fundraiser of the Year - Tony Neville

Tony began fundraising for the Charity in 2000 after retiring. This started as some light fundraising but soon grew into attending large events, regularly for the Charity including RAF Cosford and Wolverhampton Races.



Award for Fundraiser with the Most Funds Raised - Greame Baker, Clun Valley

Graeme has been a CFR since 2003 and is also a retained Fire Fighter. Together with his colleagues from Clun Fire Station they have raised over £1000 for Clun Valley Scheme. They achieved this by taking part in a 180 mile walk, rowed the equivalent of the English Channel and car washes.



Community First Responders - Most Incidents attended Award - Mary Pullen, Bishops Castle

Mary provides 24 hour 7 day cover for Bishops Castle single handed and has done so since 2002. Mary does not drive and attends most incidents on foot or by hitching a lift.


Chief Officer’s Commendation - Gina Constable, Bicton Heath


Gina joined the appeal in September 1991 along with Husband Tony as volunteer coordinators.

Gina has attended hundreds of events and has not only raised thousand of pounds but has also encouraged many other people to support the Charity including her daughter Samantha.

Gina is a very devoted member of the fundraising team and is described by friends and colleagues as ‘passionate, committed and enthusiastic’ and it is for this commitment and dedication that Gina is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Ian Lloyd-Jones

Ian began fundraising for the Midlands Air Ambulance charity back in 2004 and was encouraged to do so by Gina and Tony Constable.

Ian will go anywhere to attend events and presentations in the evenings, even after completing his normal 12 hour work day. He has organised a concert and a fun day and his enthusiasm never wanes.

Ian is a firm believer in the values of Midlands Air Ambulance, and as a member of staff at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital sees it on a regular basis, often handing out leaflets to the watching crowd!

It is for his continued support and dedication to the appeal that Ian is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Kate Massey, Market Drayton

In August 2009 a male patient unfortunately suffered a cardiac arrest whilst at Market Drayton Swimming Pool.

The Swimming Baths are a Public Access to Defibrillator site and Kate, who is an employee there, realised the problem and accessed the Defibrillator.

Her quick thinking and decisive action enabled a Return of Spontaneous Circulation and the patient was then transferred off to hospital.

For this Kate is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendations - Aimee Yarrington CFR, Phil Pickin CFR, Dawn Bush CFR

Aimee, Phil and Dawn have all been nominated for this award by the Local Community Response Manager, Cliff Medlicott.

Throughout the year they help and assist with First person on Scene courses and CFRs interviews, relieving some of Cliff’s time to deliver the training and progress the CFR schemes across Shropshire.

It is for their dedication and commitment to Community Response they are awarded this Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation - Ed Hullad, Newcastle on Clun

Ed has been a CFR since 2008 and provides significant cover and support to the local community.

In September of 2009 Ed arranged a fundraising event in his local community of Newcastle on Clun, this included a local band in his village pub and in one day managed to raise in excess of £1000 for the village scheme, at the same time increasing the awareness of the scheme and its value to everyone.

Ed is a valued member of the Community and the Team and for this he is awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.



Chief Officer’s Commendation:


Community First Responders - Laura Byrne, Val Kennet and Lianne Williams

Dr Ben Clarke - BASICS Doctor

Retained Fire Support Officer – Mark Smith

Firefighter - Leon Turner

Firefighter - Chris Gittins

Firefighter - Shaun Powell

Firefighter - Barry Plant

Firefighter Gary Fisher

Retained Support Officer - Ashley Brown

Watch Manager - Steve Palin

Crew Manager - Rob Fox

Crew Manager - Rob Robinson

Firefighter - Phil Benbow

Firefighter - Jonathan Benbow

Firefighter - Richard Bradley

Firefighter - Douglas Duncan

Firefighter - Simon Morris

Station Manager - Mark Weaver


In 2009 a serious RTC saw all of these members of the Community come together. Local Fire and Rescue crews from Hodnet and Wellington joined the CFRs, Midlands Air Ambulance and West Midlands Ambulance Service to provide what has been described as ‘outstanding and seamless care to all patients, in a timely and truly professional manner’ Two of the CFRs in attendance (Laura and Lianne) were actually off duty at the time but attended as they realised the seriousness of the situation and wanted to help. A car had been in collision with a Disabled person and their carer. The carer had become trapped under the car. The rescue involved close multi agency teamwork and communication to release the patient taking a considerable amount of time to achieve. It is for this teamwork and excellent clinical care that they are all awarded this Chief Officer’s Commendation. 


Chief Officer’s Commendation:

Chris Reynolds - County Executive Officer, St John Ambulance, Shropshire

David Preece - Commissioner of Operations, St John Ambulance, Shropshire

Martin Brayne - County Commander, St John Ambulance, Shropshire


Chris, David and Martin have been nominated by the local Community Response Manager for their continued and long standing support.

They allow the local schemes across Shropshire to use the St John Buildings whenever they need to for training or meetings.

They are always keen to be involved and assist in any way they can.

For their continued support they are awarded the Chief Officer’s Commendation.

Missions completed since 1991: 50,563 | On average we airlift a child every four days | Road traffic collisions make up around 35% of the incidents we attend | The service airlifts on average four horse riders each week.