Wendy Clements's story

Wendy’s premonition...

Four years ago, Wendy Clements suffered horrific injuries after an industrial accident resulted in her left leg being amputated. Wendy was a worker on the assembly line of a double glazing manufacture near Evesham...

Wendy was working at the premises, when she was knocked down by a forklift truck, which ran over her legs causing extensive injuries.

The Air Ambulance was scrambled to the scene and treated Wendy for her life threatening injuries. Wendy was initially conscious and managed to give the Paramedics her blood group, before passing out in the helicopter. She did not remember anything else until waking up in Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham, where her left leg had been amputated.

What is so remarkable about this unfortunate incident is that Wendy had a premonition she would lose a leg in an accident:

“It is weird but I had several dreams over the space of many years, all of which appeared to end with the loss of one of my legs. Then the accident happened to me and the dream unfortunately came true”.

Wendy is now fully mobile having been fitted with an artificial limb and is a big supporter of Midlands Air Ambulance.

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