Do It All Dave!

When you think of Midlands Air Ambulance you probably think of high speed helicopters, brave paramedics and life-saving treatments. But there’s plenty that goes on behind the scenes that never gets thought about at all.

For instance, have you ever thought about what would happen if Midlands Air Ambulance ran out of drugs, the equipment broke or the helicopter was sent to the wrong location? All these things could mean the difference between life and death - so who makes sure this never happens?

The man responsible is Dave Turner, Logistics and Information officer at Midlands Air Ambulance - or as he is more commonly known ‘Do it all Dave’. Having worked at the Charity for sixteen years, 52 year old Dave has become a pro at pestering the flight paramedics into completing the drugs book after each mission. This vital task means the three helicopters based at Cosford, Tatenhill and Strensham are constantly restocked with much needed medicine for the next mission.

“I’m just the grumpy one that shouts at the crew when they mess up the drugs book!” says Dave with a big grin on his face. It’s not just drug stocks that Dave keeps a close eye on though. Each helicopter is equipped with heart monitors, pulse oximeters and other emergency medical equipment that all need regular services. Cue Dave, who ensures parts are replaced in the quickest possible time and everything leaves the air base in full working order.

Air Operations Manager Becky Tinsley is adamant that ‘every base needs a Dave’ and the fundraising team would agree too - after all it’s Dave who keeps them up to speed with what’s going on operationally, providing statistical reports yearly, monthly and on demand.

On top of this Dave completes all the odd jobs round the air base – and there’s always plenty that needs doing! Changing light bulbs, fixing door handles and logging missions in the record book are just some of the tasks that keep him busy.

Living up to his name, ‘Do it all Dave’ is even on hand to provide a spot of light entertainment. Proving he’s a man of many talents, Dave gave Father Christmas a run for his money at the Christmas party for airlifted children in 2009. The look of the children’s faces when they saw Santa (Dave) arrive by helicopter was “truly heart-warming.”

When asked what the best thing about working at Midlands Air Ambulance is Dave replied “the crew! The guys are fantastic and there’s always plenty of banter going on at the base. There’s a real family feel to it all.”

From working as an Ambulance Technician for 16 years at West Midlands Ambulance Service, Dave knows just how tough it can be when you’re on the road attending incidents so he is always there to make a brew and help perk up the crew when they need it. “What make’s the job really worth it is when we get visits from people who have been airlifted by Midlands Air Ambulance.” These visits are always guaranteed to put a big smile on Dave’s face especially when he gets to introduce ex-airlift patients to the flight crew that saved their life.

“It’s a great feeling for everyone.” Spurred on by his love of helping people, Dave “wouldn’t change his job for the world” and Midlands Air Ambulance certainly wouldn’t change him. So next time you happen to see our red and yellow helicopters, make sure you also spare a thought for our very own un-sung hero - ‘Do it all Dave’.

Missions completed since 1991: 50,563 | On average we airlift a child every four days | Road traffic collisions make up around 35% of the incidents we attend | The service airlifts on average four horse riders each week.