Hanna Sebright

Based in Wiltshire, Hanna is a 50-year-old mum of two sons. After graduating from Kent University in 1984 with a BA in Social Policy and Administration, she decided to travel. But instead of backpacking around Europe or Asia, Hanna joined BA’s 747 long haul cabin crew and spent several years travelling the world.

She subsequently took on a role on the senior management team at Berkshire Independent Hospital, which was the beginning of a long association with healthcare and patient care. She then joined AEA (Atomic Energy Authority) as senior health consultant, and then Real Creative Group (RCG), where she was business development director, initiating the installation of the first wireless customer information system into Motherwell Railway Station, piping real time train arrival and departure information via a series of digital screens across the station.

RCG was subsequently taken over by ScreenFX and Hanna was appointed MD of a new operating division of ScreenFX called HealthFX.

Then, in 2006, she led a management buy-out and set up her own company to develop Electronic Health Media (EHM) screens for hospitals and GP surgeries, displaying disease and health awareness messages. Two years later, when she sought further investment for the company, she sold to Lord Sugar and became MD of Amscreen Healthcare, before becoming charity director of MAAC in 2009 and eventually CEO in October 2011, when the charity became an independent organisation. In addition, Hanna sits on the board of the Air Ambulance Association.

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