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The virtual public consultation video for our proposed new airbase and charity headquarters has now been taken offline. However, we still welcome you to share your thoughts, feedback and questions with us. Here are your options:


  • Complete our short survey - if you’d like to feedback via our online survey, please click here
  • Send us an email – to provide us with your views and thoughts you can email
  • Alternatively, you can arrange a 30 minute appointment over the phone with a member of the charity’s senior leadership team, to discuss the plans further. Please email before Friday 9th October with all dates and times that would be suitable to you, and we will get in touch to arrange.


Please note, all feedback is required as part of the planning process by Friday 16th October 2020.

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Midlands Air Ambulance's Airbase and Charity Headquarters

Our vitally important pre-hospital air ambulance-led service has grown significantly over our 29-year history. We are driven by a commitment to continuously improve patient care and become resilient to future changes. Challenges our service faces includes:

  • Increased complexity of patient needs.
  • Predicted 4% annual increase in demand for our advanced pre-hospital service, which is forecast for the region by West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS).
  • Insufficient training facilities for our critical care paramedics and doctors across our current airbases.

Further Information

We therefore need to futureproof our operations in order to meet these challenges. After a period of extensive research, the strategic decision was made to develop a new airbase and headquarters facility.

Airbase and Chairty Headquarters

Artist impression of the proposed Airbase and Charity Headquarters.

Why does Midlands Air Ambulance Charity need a new facility?

Our core purpose throughout this process remains on providing further advanced clinical care and save even more lives in the future. The duty and long-term focus remains on patients first and foremost, as well as staff, supporters, donors, volunteers and other key stakeholders.

In line with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) requirements, we undertook a robust search procedure. During this extensive process, we considered the local community and businesses, road links, noise levels for the operation of aircraft, flight safety, security, ground conditions, cost, size requirements and surrounding above ground infrastructure that might compromise flying operations.

However, the most important selection criteria is the geographical location, as it is vital to ensure we provide the shortest response times to incidents for the wider Midlands community. Analysis of flight times, air traffic and incident pattern data revealed the optimum location for the new facility is in the vicinity of our current airbase at RAF Cosford in Shropshire. 

A site has now been selected for development. The preferred site is located on Neachley Lane, adjacent to RAF Cosford in Shropshire. A pre-planning application to build a modern purpose-built Centre for Excellence is currently with Shropshire Council for initial review.

Why does Midlands Air Ambulance Charity need a new facility?

What will the new airbase and charity headquarters look like?

The proposed new facilities will include space for our daily operations, including two helipads for our aircraft, space for our rapid response vehicles and critical care cars. In addition, we will create a training and simulation centre, as well as research and development facilities, the main charity offices, and warehousing for charity vehicles and storage. There will also be space for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity to host events for the public, and meeting rooms.

This Centre for Excellence will future-proof Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s operations, as the charity will have a purpose-built facility to fit the specific needs of our essential emergency service.

What will be the benefits of the airbase and charity headquarters?

This new facility will help future-proof the delivery of our pre-hospital critical care for the Midlands region. The benefits of the new building are:

Operational benefits:

  • Better response times – providing a rapid despatch location means the crew will be able to reach most areas within 8 minutes (compared to the current all areas in 15 mins).
  • Longer operating hours – the facility will enable the charity to extend operations times from 7am – 9pm, staggered throughout our operating patch, to 7am – 9pm across our whole area.
  • Increased capacity - to support the region’s six-million, as demand for the service grows by 4% p.a. in line with growing population and during times of regional/national emergency (e.g. crisis situations such as the recent pandemic).
Operational benefits:

Clinical benefits:

  • Improve patient care - the training facilities will enhance the team’s advanced clinical knowledge, supporting the treatment of patients directly by providing dedicated space for continuous learning.
  • Develop talent - support with advanced pre-hospital training, working closely with the healthcare and education communicates, the centre will support attract and train future critical care paramedics and doctors.
  • Create an environment for research and development - provide space to increase clinical research capabilities and able future innovation for care provision.

Charity benefits:

  • Improved working environment - currently our medical teams work out of portacabins. This facility will enhance quality of life at work, with sufficient space for rest and debriefing, which is especially important after challenging lifesaving missions.
  • Reduce long term operating costs - investing in the land and building will ensure that the charity has a forever home that will provide future sustainability and remove leasehold and rental costs.
  • Create a community space – to further facilitate the charity’s work across the region with supports and donors, including the popular education programme and help to reduce third party costs for fundraising event space.

Rounding Up...

In summary, we are being tasked to a greater number of incidents and the medical care required is becoming increasingly complex. In order to meet increasing demand, we have reviewed our resources and determined we need to adjust our real estate and facility provision to enhance operations and training of pre-hospital emergency doctors and critical care paramedics.

If you have any further questions, or would like to provide feedback, please email:

Rounding Up...
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