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Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Committed to supporting young people's education

At Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, we are committed to supporting young people’s educational development.

Unfortunately we airlift a child every four days, which is why we are here to help youngsters better understand our vital lifesaving service and the importance of staying safe.

School age children are our future paramedics, pilots and fundraisers, and engaging them with our charity helps to safeguard the future of our service. 

Committed to supporting young people's education

Sky Champs' Education Programme

In these education packs EYFS and Key Stage 1 & 2 activities have been designed in line with the national curriculum. You can request a pack by filling in the form below and someone from Midlands Air Ambulance Charity will get back in touch.

Sky Champs' Education Programme

More About the Sky Champs' Education Pack

Visit an airbase

We have comprehensive Education and Training Centres at our Strensham airbase in Worcestershire (M5 Junction 8 northbound services) and at our Tatenhill Airfield airbase in Staffordshire.

Children of all ages will have the opportunity to see the real air ambulance helicopters and meet the aircrew. They will also be able to play with a range of specialist equipment such as flight suits, helmets and dummy lifesaving equipment. In addition, there is a TV screen and computer, where videos and slides are used as part of the overall educational experience.  

If you would like to find out more about how we can support your school, contact us using the link below.

Visit an airbase

Contact Us To Arrange A Visit


We deliver inspiring and engaging presentations, which are carefully planned with learning and teaching needs in mind, whether a part of a school assembly or as a classroom exercise. We provide a fun and interactive insight into the work of our lifesaving service and help pupils understand the importance of safety.



The helipod is a mobile demonstration helicopter shell and provides the closest experience to an air ambulance without the need for the actual one! The interactive pod is a great teaching aid, taking learning out of the classroom.


Fundraising initiatives

While it is not compulsory, we do encourage schools and colleges who would like us to visit them to undertake a little fundraising for our charity.

Each critically important air ambulance mission costs the charity £2,500, which is entirely funded by charitable donations from the general public and local businesses.





Here are just some ideas to kick-start your ‘fun’draising:

  • Bake sale: each child/teacher donates cakes or biscuits (bought or made) and they are sold at break time.
  • Sponsored event: walk, run, silence, read, spell etc.
  • Parties/discos
  • Themed fancy dress doctors/paramedics/pilots etc.
  • Bag packing at local supermarkets
  • Fashion shows
  • Designing mugs and tea towels for sale
  • Collect 20p coin. Draw a huge outline of a helicopter and get the children to place their coins in the helicopter drawing. It will make a great photo for local press!
  • Five-a-side football/netball – parents against teachers. You can charge per player or team to enter
  • School Fete with a sponge the teacher, £1 for three sponges!
  • Art gallery - get children to make a piece of artwork, invite the parents in and ask them to make a donation to buy their child’s artwork. A self-portrait is always a good one
  • Bring in unwanted quality clothing, shoes and books into school for our charity shops and we will collect the items for free

If you are a teacher, parent or child and would like to know more about our amazing charity, please contact us here.

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