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In the business of saving lives

As a charity partner, you will benefit from a range of opportunities, which will help increase engagement with your company’s brand, support your CSR objectives, and will ultimately help save lives in your area.

There are several ways a partnership can work for you and your business...

Benefits to you and your business

Working with Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is something to be proud of...
We would like your company to have a true sense of achievement from working with us, which is why we ensure working with us is a rewarding and fun experience.

Midlands Air Ambulance is a much-loved and well-respected regional charity...
By becoming a charity partner, your brand will be associated with one of the region’s greatest charities, and will have the opportunity to network with extremely highly respected regional and national companies.

Working with MAAC helps you to:

  • Motivate your employees
  • Engage with your clients
  • Meet CSR objectives
  • Positive branding
  • Networking
  • Help save lives

This can be through a combination of:

Corporate updates
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Jail or Bail

Sentence your CEO or a Senior leadership member to a night behind bars at the spooky Shrewsbury Prison.

They will spend 12 hours behind bars and will have just 24 hours  to raise £600 bail to fund our life saving missions.

Their custodial stay will begin on the evening of the 1st July with release scheduled for the following morning, with plenty of challenges in-between to make their stay as unpleasant as possible.

Register here by making the required £25 donation fee.

Jail or Bail

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