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Kicked by a Horse

A 60-year-old is kicked in the head by horse, no one sees the incident and LOC unclear. The patient is found wandering in the yard, very disorientated and unable to recognise family and friends. Having been persuaded to go in to the house, the victim is behaving unusually and so a family member called 999.

The aircrew finds the patient wandering around house, with a small wound to temple area but no obvious breathing issues. The patient still doesn’t recognise their family, and when approached by the aircrew the patient becomes agitated and pushes them away. 

The patient is further stressed by the arrival of the ECT team. As the crew approaches the patient, the patient pushes them away and runs towards the corner of the room, pulling a cabinet full of glass and china to floor. Climbing over the cabinet, the patient stands behind cabinet, bare foot and lashing out at anyone who approaches.

What is the legal basis for what needs to occur?

What would you do to get the patient safely to hospital?

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