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Midlands Air Ambulance Charity Kids’ Crew Membership – Terms and Conditions

  • All Kids’ Crew Memberships will run from 1st January until 31st December for a maximum period of 12 months. Memberships purchased between 1st October and 31st December will begin from 1st January of the following year.
  • Kids’ Crew Membership subscriptions can be renewed for the following year by purchasing the product again. A Membership renewal communication will be sent out by the charity prior to memberships lapsing on 31st December providing details of how to renew the subscription.
  • Kids’ Crew Memberships can be purchased as a gift for a child subject to the child’s name, address and parent or guardian’s telephone number being provided at the point of purchase. This information is required to ensure the child receives the ongoing updates and materials as part of their membership package. If these details are not provided by the purchaser, the charity will not be liable for failure to send ongoing membership communications. All information provided will be securely kept and only for the purposes of sending Kids’ Crew Membership updates.
  • Kids’ Crew Memberships are open to, and suitable for, children aged between five and 11.
  • The Kids’ Crew Membership package currently includes:
    • Welcome letter
    • Membership card
    • Newsletter
    • Invitation to an airbase visit
    • Invitation to the annual Young Heroes Christmas Party (exact date in December to be confirmed for the end of the Membership period)
    • Balloon
    • Pencil
    • Button badge
    • Bookmark
  • The charity reserves the right to change and/or update items included as part of the Membership package at any time.
  • Base visit vouchers are valid up until 31st December in the year the membership is valid for and are subject to availability. The charity will do it’s best to accommodate base visit requests but cannot guarantee availability for specific times/dates and/or airbases.
  • The base visit voucher permits access for the Kids’ Crew Member plus two adults.
  • Base visits will last for approximately 1 hour.
  • Due to the nature of air ambulance operations, the charity cannot guarantee the air ambulance helicopter and/or crew will be in attendance during a base visit.
  • Young Heroes Christmas Party vouchers are valid for the Christmas Party held during the year the membership is valid for and are subject to availability.
  • The Christmas Party voucher permits access for the Kids’ Crew Member plus two adults. Siblings may join for a small donation to Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.
  • Members will be notified of the time/date/venue for the Christmas Party by no later than 1st November. Members must RSVP by the date specified on the invite to secure a place.
  • Please note, photography, and on occasion video, will be taken at the airbase visits and Christmas Party. If you, or the Kids’ Crew Member do not want to take part, please inform a member of the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity staff on arrival.
  • The charity reserves the right to cancel base visits and Christmas parties due to unforeseen circumstances. Any cancellation will be communicated with Kids’ Crew Members as soon as possible.
  • This Membership is non-refundable. If, for whatever reason you would like to cancel the Kids’ Crew Membership throughout the year of Membership, you will not be eligible to a refund.

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