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Tuesday 19th September 2023


Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is pleased to report that while volunteering numbers across the charitable sector were down[1] overall, the lifesaving service actually saw an uplift in the number of people pledging their support by donating their time.

The charity has seen individuals across the six regional counties signing up to donate their time in the charity’s retail stores, charity events and helping by raising awareness of the vitally important service in their local community.

Despite the uplift in volunteers across the whole charity organisation, Midlands Air Ambulance Charity are appealing for volunteers for its charity shops due to the successful expansion of the charity’s busy retail company

Research shows that people who volunteer may experience improved physical and mental wellbeing, increased job satisfaction, and strengthened connections to their local community. The charity is pleased to see the benefits of its volunteering scheme in fruition from the high retention of volunteers.

Alison Hill, volunteer manager at Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, said: “Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and become a Midlands Air Ambulance Charity hero! I would like to thank our loyal volunteers that have donated their time to supporting our advanced pre-hospital emergency service. If you’re interested in gaining new skills and helping a lifesaving cause, joining our team of volunteers is the perfect way to start. From helping out in our shops, to attending one of the biggest motorcycle ride outs in the UK, there is a role for everyone in our Midlands Air Ambulance Charity family.”

To learn more about the charity’s volunteering opportunities, visit email


[1] Last year, volunteering numbers hit record lows in the charity sector. According to the government’s Community Life Survey, formal and informal volunteering has dropped by 20-30% over the last ten years, which has accelerated more since coming out of the pandemic.


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